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Oh boy!
Special Shiva Nata class series in Portland!

NOTE! Both the special Snack Preview class on July 26 and the August Destuckification & Play Series are SOLD OUT.

Three 90 minute classes of grace, power, hilarity and destuckification.

What it is: An intense, fun, powerful, silly, surprising and highly entertaining workout for body and brain.

Specifically, for a happy body that looks great and feels better, and a happy brain that delivers bonus insights and hot, buttered epiphanies.

Also there will be snacks and the Playground is the most amazing place ever, so really just come for that.

When: On Tuesdays, August 16, 23 and 30, 2011. From 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Where: In Portland, Oregon. At the Playground, our center for all things zany and shivanautical. With me and my duck.

What you can use this for:

Anything you want.

You might have a goal, a project or a secret Gwish. Something you’d like to understand, figure out, resolve, get better at.

It might be a physical thing you want to work on.
Like grace, speed, coordination, agility, presence.

And outrageously gorgeous triceps, of course… :)

Or more of an internal thing.
Like working on getting better at adaptability, courage, trust, relationships, creativity…

Or something else entirely.

Like an old habit or pattern you’d like to trade in for something better.

Or you might not know yet why you’re here. That’s okay too.

Why this is going to be amazing:

1. You are going to laugh. You will experience delicious brain-scramble and equally delicious unscrambling as everything comes back together and clicks into place.

2. Most classes I teach take place at retreats and seminars, which means doing Shiva Nata with me is often rare, expensive and can require traveling. This is a great chance to come to a class without applying to attend a big event. The last time this happened was nearly two years ago.

3. This is what Tim said:

“The experience! It goes so deep. You’ll have a billion understandings. The flailing is brilliant and challenging and it’s also really, really fun.”

– Tim came from New York to do Shiva Nata at the Playground.

4. This is what Bethany said:

“The joy and hilarity are contagious! It made my perfectionism first pipe down and then disappear. Watching Havi, you can feel these new understandings of how space works and how beautiful it is to work with patterns.”

– Bethany came from California to do Shiva Nata at the Playground.

5. This is what Rhiannon said:

“The essence of the Playground is so incredible that just being here is worth far beyond the price of admission, even if it were just for five minutes. I feel like the changes are happening even before the class starts. Do it!”

– Rhiannon came from Washington to do Shiva Nata at the Playground.

All ages/shapes/body-types are welcome and belong here.

Same goes for any and all levels of experience or total lack thereof.

And the fairly-frequently asked questions…

What if I’m incredibly uncoordinated?

Not a problem. In fact, maybe even kind of a good thing. Being coordinated is not even slightly a requirement.

What if I have no experience whatsoever and no idea what I’m doing?

Awesome. Flailing around disastrously is what it’s all about. This class works for any level, including total beginners.

What if I think I’m too [old/overweight/broken]?

Well, you know your body and you’ll have to make whatever adjustments you have to make to feel safe and comfortable. But I’ve had students in their 80s, and of all shapes and sizes, and everyone finds a way to do Shiva Nata. So that’s probably just outsider complex talking — happens to all of us.

This is a chance to take apart that old pattern and replace it, if you want.

What if I already have a lot of experience?

Right on. We will make sure that you are just as hopelessly lost and confused as everyone else! *evil cackle*

90 minutes? Of exercise?

We won’t be sweating the entire time. There will be some writing, relaxing and some loose Old Turkish Lady stretching in addition to flailing around like madmen and rewriting our brains.

What do I weeeeeeaaaar?

Anything you can move around in. We’ll get a little sweaty, probably. I’ll probably be wearing sweat pants or stretch pants with a t-shirt or maybe a loose dress on top. Whatever you feel comfortable in.


Option 1! Just the Snack Preview class!

Come to the Snack Preview class on Tuesday, July 26.

Tuition for this class:

$35 at the door. BUT early registration online is only $15.

Sorry – the Snack Preview Class is sold out.

Option 2! The August 3 Class Series.

Come to the Shiva Nata Destuckification & Play Series at the Playground in August:

  • Tuesday, August 16 — 5:30 – 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, August 23 — 5:30 – 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, August 30 — 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Tuition for this three part series:

Drop-in is $35 per class.

Or get all 3 sessions for $80 Instead of $105.

Here’s a button for that:

Sorry – the Destuckification & Play Series is sold out.

“Magical. I had the Starter Kit DVD, but until I studied with you, I didn’t get how I could challenge myself — that weekend really drove it home.

You made it clear that we could have fun — there can be such a lightness to the whole thing, even though it’s hard.

I tell people who ask that, yes, I learned with the DVD, but I really started learning that weekend. I can’t thank you enough — that was magical.”

Maryann Devine came from Philadelphia to do Shiva Nata at the Playground.

Pirate Ship

p.s. Postscripting: I don’t know when I’ll be doing something like this again, but if it doesn’t work out this time, maybe we’ll see you at a Rally. It will happen when it happens. In the meantime, much love and happy flailing!