The Secret Lab

For Shivanauts, thinkers, adventurers and explorers on the Starship Shivanautica

We are not currently admitting new members to the Beta version.

Announcement! The Secret Lab is undergoing a reconfiguration.

In Shiva Nata, everything constantly changes and reconfigures. You learn something and then it morphs into the new pattern, and you have to adapt and keep up.

The Secret Lab was a beautiful vision and it is time for the next configuration. It is time for deconstruction and rebuilding, just like in the practice. So while this space is being re-worked, here is what we’re doing.

If you already are in the lab, you’ll get access to the new thing when we have it without having to upgrade. Once the reconfiguration arrives, we will let you know.

In the meantime, beta version is CLOSED to new members.

Love from me, Havi.

What’s the Secret Lab?

An undercover members-only area where all the good stuff happens, for anyone who wants to:

  • go deeper into Shiva Nata
  • interact with other Shivanauts
  • mess around with the higher levels
  • generate hot, buttered epiphanies and discover hidden patterns
  • have a more bad-ass practice (or a less bad-ass practice, but to get commiseration and have fun with that too).

What’s in the Secret Lab?

Exploring! Playing! Discovering! Also:

Weird-looking machines (metaphorical) and infinite possibility (not even slightly metaphorical).

Actually, all sorts of crazy stuff is happening in the Secret Lab. It’s that kind of place.

Who we are.

Shivanauts. Curious thinkers. Explorers. Adventurers. Researchers. Internal cartographers. Pattern makers. Pattern destroyers. Pattern spies.

We are intrepid investigators of internal and external space.

We draw maps. We ask smart questions. We make connections. We activate superpowers.

We radiate change. We dance the dance of wonder and chaos. We flail about disastrously and laugh about it when we can.

The goods. What’s behind the revolving bookcase.

Lifetime membership to the lab means…

Well, metaphorically speaking, it means access to the museum, the libraries, the archives, the spaceship logs, and observing (or joining!) fabulous missions into the starfield.

It means being part of this world of adventures on the Starship Shivanautica and being an explorer or hanging out with explorers. Glory! Huzzah!

And being part of a private community where you can explore and develop your practice with other people.

And updates for life.

Once you’re in, you’re in. Anything I decide to add later on is yours at no extra cost.

The Beta Version:

The Secret Lab was planned as being an ongoing experiment — a long-term work-in-progress.

I’ll keep adding to it as new things come up, and my hope is that we will all contribute to it in interesting and unexpected ways. A lifetime of study, practice and surprises.

Because it’s a beta version now, there’s still some dust on the floor. Being in at the beginning means you get to help develop the lab. Later at cocktail parties we’ll tell hilarious stories about back in the early days, when we still had to drink tea out of cookie jars and store the flight plans in the bathroom. It will be fabulous.

How to get in.


You need to own Andrey’s DVD or have been to at least one class with me. Otherwise none of the stuff we do will make sense.

What happens when you sign up.

You’ll get two emails from us.

  • First you should get a thank you email from a very nice robot. That will come right away. If it doesn’t, it’s in your spam filter.
  • Within the next day or two, you’ll receive the address of the website where the Secret Lab of Shivanauttery lives, and a login and password.

You’ll be able to log in and start using the Lab right away.

Entrance to the Secret Lab.


** It’s quite likely prices will continue to go up as we continue to add cool things to the Secret Lab.

*** Access to Extremely Cool Shit means Secret Lab lifetime membership is, for obvious reasons, not refundable.