Shiva Nata: the Dance of Shiva

Shiva Nata is brain training that kind of looks like martial arts, and acts like drugs-that-make-you-smart-and-hot.
It uses movement patterns to generate new neural connections and huge understandings that let you rewrite your patterns.
Sometimes we hate it for being so damn hard – but we get over that because Shiva Nata makes us graceful, coordinated and awesome. And because of the hot, buttered epiphanies.

In which Shiva Nata saves my life again.

And not even metaphorically.

Which is the usual way.

Three times.

Just in the past week.


The first time I was crossing the street. At the crosswalk. With the green light. Three lanes.

As I’m crossing, I can’t see the third lane until I’m there, but oh look here’s who is zooming down and through the third lane at top speed: some lady who seems in retrospect to believe that “right on red” means you don’t have to stop at the red or even slow down, apparently.

Shiva Nata has given me quick instincts and even quicker reflexes.

I felt my body pulling me back before even knowing what was happening, she missed me by inches.

We were one hundred percent bound to cross orbits, except for tingle-knowing which feels like luck but is not luck.

She had speed but I had speediness. I could feel the tug-pull of belly communicating with spine and earth that happens when I try to keep my balance during an impossibly fast level 3.

My body knew what to do before I did, it’s been training for this for years while we’ve been rewriting all the internal patterns. And then I was somehow still standing and she was gone.


The second time.

In the shower. Slipped and skidded on a slippery surface in a moment of not paying attention.

It was that moment of knowing the fall was coming.

And then the same thing as before.

Balance was magically there, righting me. Righting myself. Partly core, partly internal remembering, partly body being there for me with steadiness and a determined love.

It was a moment of shiva nata. I could feel it.

And then.

The third time was crossing the street again. This time someone on the phone, seriously people, stop doing that, driving around a corner and not looking.

My body executed a little hop-skip-jump with more grace than I felt internally, and it took me out of the path of destruction.

Path. Of. Destruction.

So the symbolic concept/essence/whatever of Shiva is, of course, destruction. Paths and paths of it!

But not the kind of destruction that people think it is.

It’s more like this:

A pure, clean, clear, compassionate, loving slicing away of everything that is no longer valid, relevant or true.

An undoing of the structures that are rigid distortions of truth, so that new organic forms can emerge. A rewriting of the patterns that aren’t working so that the new patterns can take shape.

It is this undoing and unraveling that has put me in this deeper relationship with my body, trusting my instinctive pushes and pulls. A new connection with the home of my body that is changing everything.

Destruction is taking me home. But not through ruining things. Through connecting up portals, opening the right doors, showing me possibility.

And it’s saving my life. Over and over again.

This is awesome. Both in the sense of “wow that is neato-rad!” and in the sense of sweet loving grace-filled nondenominational REVERENT AWE. Yes.

Alligatoroos! The commenting blanket fort.

Things that are welcome today:

Joy-filled exclamations of delight for these beautiful things.

Stories of ways that Shiva Nata or shivanautical side effects have helped you in unexpected ways.

Warm heart-sighs.

That is all for now. May we all receive the deconstructing of whatever needs to be deconstructed, in the sweetest and safest ways possible.


12 Comments on “In which Shiva Nata saves my life again.”

  1. So glad you remain physically whole! Shiva Nata rocks.

  2. Very glad that Shiva Nata reflexes saved your ass…and all other parts of you! I have definitely noticed an increase in cat-like reflexes – occasionally I’ll drop or knock something and then pick it up with a speed which somewhat surprises me.

  3. This reminds me of the time that I got out of bed and stepped onto the exercise ball instead of the floor.

    I was half awake and I’m not quite sure what happened, but I somehow flipped myself around in midair and landed ever-so-softly on the ground. Or perhaps my feet.

    All I remember was how miraculous it felt – this catlike grace I’d never had. And I knew immediately it was from Shiva Nata because it was the exact same intense feeling of flow.

    Heart-sighs for safety and speed. (And many exclamations of delight for the beauty of not being hit by cars! I feel strongly about this!)

  4. Hand-on-heart sigh — very thankful for your Shivanautical reflexes! I believe it works as well from the other side of the wheel; I’ve had to dodge a lot of animals in the road this summer, and have done so successfully, and would not be at all surprised if Shiva Nata has something to do with that.

  5. Sue T

    Wowie! So glad you are OK.

    Hmmm, all drivers should do Shiva Nata.
    For (among its many benefits) de(con)struction of the multitasking-at-all-costs and getting-there-at-the-soonest-possible-moment impulses, and recreation of the paying-attention-when-driving-3000-pound-objects capabilities.

  6. Hooray! This is lovely. And a hand-on-heart sigh too.

  7. I’m so happy that Shiva Nata has helped you develop such depth in your relationship with your body and in your trust in your instinct! Yay for being able to delightfully rejoice that you’ve gone through these events so gracefully, and unharmed!

    I love how you’ve described shivanautical destruction as “an undoing of the structures that are rigid distortions of truth, so that new organic forms can emerge”. Thank you for that sentence; it really spoke to me. It’ll be a very useful starting point for exploration; I can feel that it’s leading me to one of the places where I need to go.

  8. Mmmmmm.

    ” May we all receive the deconstructing of whatever needs to be deconstructed, in the sweetest and safest ways possible.”

    loving it.
    all the heart sights to you <3

  9. “May we all receive the deconstructing of whatever needs to be deconstructed, in the sweetest and safest ways possible.”

    Oh yes. This.

    Loving heart sigh for all of this. <3

  10. Leni

    I have a pretty lousy memory for certain things, like remmebering to take coupons to the grocery store, combine trips out etc. Since starting to Flail, that happens less often.

    Also I’m a better mom! My biggest parenting FAIL is when I’m so tired/stressed that I give in to the tired/stress and snap at the kids, try to reinforce things they dont want, get into conflict with them. WHen I Flail, I keep my cool longer, even under duress, and best of all, I find easy elegant solutions to things that work. Even trying to do this will bring the five year old back from “imminent meltdown” to “not completely happy but willing to work with me.”

    The children do not want to do Shiva Nata though. They call Andrey “the purple pajama man” and run to their father when I put on the DVD. “DADDY! Mom’s doing THAT THING again.”

  11. Deirdre

    Makes me releived and hopeful that there is a way to come
    back into the body and refine the instincts that got torn
    apart through the frights and traumas of daily living …..
    we literally can unfreeze – inspires me to work on my freezing pattern even more through Shiva Nata, movement, etc .

    Thanking you and all the ones who have the courage to find a way through x

  12. Havi, do you by any chance know ANYONE who teaches Shiva Nata in France. Preferably Toulouse. There ain’t no way I’m going to be able to make it to Portland in the near future. I keep desperately looking on the internet but YOU are almost the only one who comes up :)
    May the tingle-joy keep coming

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