Shiva Nata: the Dance of Shiva

Shiva Nata is brain training that kind of looks like martial arts, and acts like drugs-that-make-you-smart-and-hot.
It uses movement patterns to generate new neural connections and huge understandings that let you rewrite your patterns.
Sometimes we hate it for being so damn hard – but we get over that because Shiva Nata makes us graceful, coordinated and awesome. And because of the hot, buttered epiphanies.

Gaps. And the finding of them.

Okay, this is probably my favorite thing about Dance of Shiva.

The openings.

The way they just show up.

What happened yesterday morning wasn’t a massive life-changing epiphany thing.

More of a mini-epiphany.

It was a gap. And I stepped into it. And all was good.

The situation:

A small thing, really.

In my Kitchen Table program we needed to add a new forum board.

But there was nowhere for it to go.

We’d gone over it in the Group Leader meeting but without getting anywhere. Opinions were divided. I didn’t really like any of the options.

Sat down to work on it and instantly felt annoyed.

I said, hey annoyance. I said, what’s going on in there?

My annoyance said:

This is stupid. It doesn’t make sense to put it here. It doesn’t make sense to put it there. There isn’t an opening. No matter what you do, it won’t really work.

An opening?

So I went to do Dance of Shiva.

Three minutes. Super fast. Super hard.

And then what happened:

I came back.

Had a glass of water.

Paced around the room.

Knew what needed to happen.

Found the opening.

It was obvious.

I had to set up a new section. And I knew exactly what to call it and where to put it and how to describe it and how it would work.

This thing that had been bugging me for half a day. Done.

So typical…

It’s one of the most exasperating things about Shiva Nata, actually.

Sometimes the realizations you have are so completely obvious the instant you realize them that you cannot imagine how you didn’t think of them before.

So it seems more like you’re the idiot than that Dance of Shiva did it’s brain-connecting thing again.

It’s like my friend who spent weeks agonizing about a problem she had. Then did Dance of Shiva for the first time and woke up in the morning with the answer.

But the answer was so clearly the right thing to do that she couldn’t remember what it was like to not have known it. And felt like an idiot for not coming up with it sooner.


It was such a shivanautical moment that I had to share it.

I couldn’t find the gap and then there was the gap.

This is essentially why I’m so excited about teaching Dance of Shiva to the roller derby girls. Because when you’re a jammer going through a pack (or a blocker trying to help your jammer through), finding the gap is the only thing that matters.

There’s always an opening. There’s always space.

Anyway, it was cool. I don’t know if it comes across in translation but the moment was beautiful.

It’s just a matter of your brain being willing to find it.

6 Comments on “Gaps. And the finding of them.”

  1. I love that there was one word in what your annoyance told you that acted as a trigger and instantly made you realise that this was calling for a Dance of Shiva session.
    I can see it from here: “An opening? Oh, of course: this is a mission for Shiva Nata Mouse!” :)
    Josiane´s last blog ..Middle of the night musings

  2. !!!

    “So it seems more like you’re the idiot than …”

    Idiot! Resistence! Because! This, yes! Aargh!

    Coherent version: I think part of the reason doing Dance of Shiva is currently all stuckified and grumpy to me is that the epiphanies or genius-ness often makes me feel kinda dumb. Even though I’m being a genius at that moment, it feels really stupid and un-special. “Well done, dimbo, I bet everyone else figured that one out, like, three years ago. Sheesh.”

    I’m not doing the Dance because in a way it’s easier to be an idiot all the time but not feel like one. (OK, also because I’m a bit stuck between levels, but that’s just the practical bit.) I need to change the way I react to my epiphanies, and learn to appreciate them as worthy of amazement. Which, by the by, links into that thing Charlie was saying to me. *ka-bing*

    Aaargh! Stupid epiphanies! Stop making so much sense!

    *runs away*

  3. Yup, had one of those DUH! moments myself, post-flailing.

    I’ve been working on losing winter weight gain and concurrently clearing my space, getting ready for warm weather. Of course any dingus could see that the two are related, (and of course the FlyLady had been telling me this for years), but it didn’t seem to connect in a real way for me until the other morning.

    For some reason the phrase “ridding excess” rang a bell somewhere in my knowing and I GOT IT, in my body or brain or both…DUH!!!

    Oh well. At least now I really KNOW this and can approach them both in a mindful way, if I can just remember!

    @Willie: I nearly spit my tea on the computer: “Stupid epiphanies! Stop making so much sense! *runs away* ”

    Ha! Thanks for that and to Havissima for pointing out this phenomenon. xxoo

  4. […] had a couple of these epiphanies this weekend, which are fabulous to be experiencing. I blame ShivaNata and taking time to really […]

  5. I had my very first Dance of Shiva epiphany this morning! I’m in the very beginning stages of practicing (like, I’m really really so bad at the basic movements, it’s pretty hilarious). Anyway, I realized that when I tried to figure out what I was doing with my brain, I instantly screwed everything up, but when I just let my body do the movements and follow along with Andrey, it was much easier. The insight was that THIS CAN APPLY TO MY WHOLE LIFE. When I over-think everything, it actually makes my life HARDER, and I can choose to take things less seriously and not judge and over-think every teeny step I take. And I felt like I got it at a deeper level than I normally get things– like, my body got it, and then it took my brain along with it. AMAZING.

    I’m so excited to begin this practice and to join this community of people who are regularly having these epiphanies. I’m obsessed already! Bring ‘em on.

    Oh, I wrote about the epiphany more on my site here if you’re interested:
    jessica swift´s last blog ..experiments: week 2, the dance of shiva

  6. […] makes people feel “like an idiot for not coming up with it sooner”, as Havi writes in a blog post about a mini-epiphany she had. Which makes me wonder, why do we minimize our epiphanies by appending ‘mini’ […]

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