Shiva Nata: the Dance of Shiva

Shiva Nata is brain training that kind of looks like martial arts, and acts like drugs-that-make-you-smart-and-hot.
It uses movement patterns to generate new neural connections and huge understandings that let you rewrite your patterns.
Sometimes we hate it for being so damn hard – but we get over that because Shiva Nata makes us graceful, coordinated and awesome. And because of the hot, buttered epiphanies.

Doing Shiva Nata with children.

Pat wants to know:

Havi, do you have any thoughts on the suitability of Shiva Nata for children?

And then Brian asked too:

Have you ever used Shiva Nata with kids? Their brain development is dependent on crossing that middle line in their brain.

And probably seventy other people have asked this too, so apologies if you asked and I forgot.

The short answer: YES!

Yes, very suitable for kids.

It’s crazy good for them.

I haven’t done Shiva Nata with kids myself. However, many of my students have. And they all report the most amazing things.

Kids adore it. Silliness abounds.

Not only is it good for their brains, but they find it easier than we do.

And are less likely to beat themselves up for getting it wrong (the concept of flail and do it badly is generally less challenging for them).


I’m opening this one up to the Shivanauts at large, in hopes of some good stories. Have you tried it?

Share some stories if you have them …

5 Comments on “Doing Shiva Nata with children.”

  1. When my son gets in an angry mood, it really helps to flail with him. We do it very slowly, and he mirrors me. We end up giggling and the energy shifts. I also suggest flailing when he is working through a difficult art or school problem, it never fails to help shift the focus so that he can find the answer.
    Andi´s last blog ..The Sketchbook Project- Week Two

  2. PS He’s 11. My 17 year old also enjoys the flail, we generally do it when we’re being stressed out with everyone else :)
    Andi´s last blog ..The Sketchbook Project- Week Two

  3. My now 24-month-old has been watching me practice Shiva Nata since March. At first, he simply mimicked the arm movements, then he noticed the wide leg stance. He still has a kind of specific arm-windmilling that is what he considers “doing Fiva Nata.” Lately, he has started asking for “Yoga Andree on the tv” – and he specifically wants the parts with Andrey’s voiceover. I consider these to be the tiniest seeds of the beginning of a practice, just as we are sowing the seeds of a practice of patience (singing happily when we wait) and gratitude (saying what we are thankful for at dinnertime). But it is closer to our attitude toward music, it’s a part of our lives, animating our day, and he is just exposed to it. His interest is encouraged, and I will happily provide the “rules” if he wants to continue to play Shiva Nata.

  4. I did it with some kids after a “yoga practice” The kids where kindegarten age, that’s between 4 and 6 years old (I think). I taught them the horizontal positons, can’t remember if I showed them one arm at a time or not. But then I played a game with them, either calling out the numbers to see if they could do it, or calling out the numbers while doing moving into the position really quickly to see if they could follow. (I moved into the position quickly but then stopped to give them time to see where they where, then I did the next move quickly.
    I may or may not have done double forwards or double backwards, but without actually telling them the movements. I used it to help me pick out the positions we were going to do.
    I only taught them about 3 or 4 times but they enjoyed it as a quick game.
    I think in retrospect teaching them the positions and then moving through the positions without calling out the moves would be an interesting way to see if they could recognize patterns.
    neil keleher┬┤s last blog ..All Possible Movements of the Dance of Shiva

  5. I’ve been doing it with my kids in third grade this year, and next year I’ll be doing it in fifth. It’s made such a huge difference in my student’s lives!
    Melissa┬┤s last blog ..Llamas Lesson

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