We do it for the sparks.

That magical lucid instant where you’re suddenly closer to knowing something.

Lightbulbs all over the place. Ding! Or maybe it’s more of a click. Or a zap. Click-zap!

Your cells start to buzz. Sparks flash in your brain. Pure undiluted possibility.

I use Shiva Nata to get these moments to come to me instead of waiting for them to show up.

That’s what Shiva Nata is for.

Shiva Nata — the modern version of the ancient Dance of Shiva — is a terrifically powerful body-mind practice that delivers these moments when you need them.

It’s liquid math. It’s patterns within patterns growing ever more complex. Dancing algorithms and pure flow.

Take 45 seconds to watch a demo and get a sense of how insane/beautiful this practice is.

What it is.

Shiva Nata is a unique, visually stunning, flowing movement form that restructures neural connections in your brain.

Creating new connections while simultaneously strengthening existing networks of connections means more light bulb moments.

When you practice regularly, these moments generally show up within 24 hours after practice.* They get kind of addictive, which means that you have to keep raising the bar and making things more challenging. That’s part of the practice.

* As long as you’re challenging yourself. As soon as you start practicing what you know or sort-of-know, the lightbulb moments disappear. That’s why we aim to get lost. We celebrate the mad, confused flailing of doom! :)

Why we do it.

I do it for the hot buttered epiphanies.

But there’s lots of other things you can use it for, among them:

Clearing the brain-fog. Getting focused. Getting energized.

Being more productive and efficient.

Getting faster and stronger. Able to react to anything speedily and gracefully.

Physical, mental and emotional coordination. Also life coordination. Flow state.

Connecting to your body. Calming down when things get messy. Finding unlikely solutions when things get hard.

Seeing the patterns. Understanding the patterns. Realizations, insights and epiphanies about what you’re going to do about them.

About me.

I’m Havi Brooks.

I have been teaching Shiva Nata for nine years. I’ve taught thousands of people around the world and run a center in Portland, Oregon where we practice and play.

Practice and play. That’s what I do with my time. Right now we’re just beginning to discover all that can be done with this form. There are endless aspects and permutations to be invented and discovered. So I keep challenging myself, experimenting and discovering. Practice and play.