Shiva Nata: the practice in which everything reconfigures.

Patterns are taken apart and come back together in new configurations. Clean, clear destruction and deconstruction to allow for the new just-right thing to come into form. That’s how it works. Everything reconfigures. Including this.

After close to ten years of teaching, in August 2012, I went on sabbatical to internally reconfigure, and discover what is needed in order to best serve the mission. As of January 2013, I have been living on silent retreat, which is (to put it mildly) its own grand adventure. If you’d like to keep up with my writing and discoveries, you can find them at The Fluent Self.

Thank you.

I believe in Nothing Is Wrong, and All Timing Is Right Timing. And that there is hidden treasure in all things.

It was a treasure to devote ten years of my life to growing this practice. And now I will find treasure in living the practice.

Some of the beautiful qualities I’ve met through Shiva Nata, may they give you as much comfort as they have given me:

Glowing to you from my thank-you-heart,
~ Havi

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